Sightmark Generator - v1.0.0.0 Getting Started

Sightmark Generator for Windows. Sightmark Generator for Windows.

Estimated Sightmark Generation

Getting Results

Sightmark Generator is an easy to use application to get estimated sightmarks for your bow, using just two already known sightmarks.

Just enter your nearest known sightmark and distance, then select whether this is in Yards or Metres.

Repeat for your farthest known sightmark, again select whether this is Yards or Metres.

Now tap 'Calculate', et voila! A grid shall appear with both Yards and Metres of all your approximate sightmarks for every ten units of measurement.

The estimated sightmarks can be saved and previously saved sightmarks can be reloaded.

Saving of estimated sightmarks can be output in either CSV or TXT formats, so you can use them in Excel or similar if required.



Browser Version.

After first opening the page will store itself to your browsers offline storage for using, should you be somewhere with no phone signal.

Exporting the estimated sightmarks for this version can be done using your browsers Copy/Paste functionality.

Web Version (Opens in new Tab)



Sightmark Generator for Browsers. Sightmark Generator for Browsers.